Advantages Of 6 Grinding Disc Automatic Polishing Machine

Advantages of 6 grinding disc automatic polishing machine

6 wheel disc automatic polishing machine of the latest research and development of Huzhou Shuanglin polishing equipmentfactoryislocatedin factory, with new design, new equipment and environmental protection shell.

It looks very atmosphere, and it has obvious advantages over the traditional 2 - mill and four - grinding disc automatic polishing machine.

1, the traditional 2 mill. And four grinding disc automatic polishing machine can only be polished for a single or double-sided outer or cylindrical product, and a 6 grinding head.

Each grinding head of a disc automatic polishing machine can be polished on the outside round products of different sides. At the same time, at the same time, 3-6 outer round products can be carried out at the same time.

Polishing treatment. (such as: perfume bottle cap, automobile exhaust pipe, multi faced hardware cover, etc.)

2. When the polishing surface of the product is 2-3 surfaces, the 6 grinding disc automatic polishing machine can load different polishing consumables according to the technical requirements of the product. One time polishing

The product can be out of the traditional traditional 2 grinding, four grinding disc automatic polishing machine needs to frequently replace the embarrassment of consumables.

3. The dust outlet of the new type 6 mill automatic polishing machine adopts the downward dust extraction design (there is a dust outlet in the four corners of the equipment), compared with the previous single rear part.

The dust removal scheme can effectively eliminate metal dust and better protect the health of the operators.

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