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Analysis And Solution Of Shock Absorption And Yellowing Of Vibration Grinding Machine

Jun 06, 2020

Analysis and Solution of Shock Absorption and Yellowing of Vibration Grinding Machine

Vibration grinding machine manufacturers tell about the analysis and solution of the shock absorption and yellowing of the vibration grinding machine as follows:

  Oscillation grinding machine is a kind of more common grinding equipment on the market, it will oscillate during operation. However, in some daily processing, products that require high precision are often used to stop deep processing. Then excessive vibration will cause the processing to fail. Therefore, when the vibration grinding machine is doing precision mold grinding, the headache may be the grinding machine of the vibration grinding machine. oscillation.

Because the vibration of the machine tool directly affects the role of mold processing, such as ripples and surface finish, if it is precision molding and grinding, making plug-in connector molds, cutting grooves, etc., the machine vibration bottom cannot repair the grinding wheel, because sometimes The grinding wheel needs to be trimmed to a thickness of 0.1-0.13mm. The grinding wheel is almost transparent. If the grinding machine has a little vibration and other unstable factors, the grinding wheel burst.

   If the yellowing phenomenon occurs in the production of the oscillating grinder, generally first check whether the surface finish of the abrasive used in the oscillating grinder is normal. If the grinding material you are using is steel balls, please check if there is any perforation. If there is any, please use an alkaline brightener to grind it for about 1H to fully clean the machine. Avoid using hard water to clean it for a short time, otherwise The opposite.

If the time of oscillation polishing is not enough, the same problem may be caused if the machine is not cleaned. Whether the brightener, gloss agent or polishing liquid used has quality problems. Generally, if a neutral or alkaline brightener can be used, try to Using neutral or alkaline brightener, the stability of the potion performance is better than that of acid.

  If your product is first polished by craftsmanship, please confirm whether the oxide scale on the surface of the product is thrown out completely, causing the gloss of the product to be inconsistent or sufficient after oscillation and polishing. As long as you look at it in detail, you can ensure the normal stability of the oscillating grinder.