Application And Application Of Vibration Lapping Machine

Characteristics of vibration polishing machine

1. Adopting the advanced principle of spiral rolling flow and ternary vibration in the world, the polishing effect can be achieved by grinding parts and rolling grinding tools.

2. Vibration polishing machine is suitable for grinding and polishing large quantities of small, medium-sized parts. It can improve work efficiency by 6-10 times and save about one third of the cost.

3. The vibration polishing machine does not destroy the original size and shape of the parts in the process of vibration polishing.

4. Vibration polishing machine can realize automatic and unmanned operation. It is easy to operate. In the process of work, it can check the processing of parts at any time.

5. Model A vibration polishing machine can automatically separate the abrasive from the workpiece to realize automatic material selection and save labor costs.

Polishing process of zinc alloy vibration lapping machine

1. Applicable product type

Vibration dynamic grinding machine is suitable for zinc alloy case buckle, hook and button accessories, clothing accessories, sanitary ware faucet accessories, daily hardware.

Two. Machine type selection

Machine adopts bow type vibration lapping machine VB-350LD.

Three. Grinding steps

1. first put the grinding stone into the vibrating machine and clean it with water.

2. Put in 30-50KG products, put in a KG abrasive, grinding machine time is 80 minutes, the product and the abrasive chemical reaction black, the medicinal properties of the product turned white and shiny, according to product quality requirements repeatedly grinding

3. after polishing, clean with clean water, shine KG, polish for 30 minutes.

4. remove the product and dry it.

Four. Advantages of the technology

Reduce the grinding process, improve the quality and save the cost. This process adopts chemical grinding.

Technical specification for grinding machines

1, operation steps:

First, the desired grinding place of the sample is in an angle with the grinding wheel. Then move the sample evenly when grinding, so that the force of the sample is equal. Finally, it is necessary to check the grinding time.

2, change the grinding wheel or other grinding tools way and steps:

First turn off the power. Then replace the replacement parts and replace them with new ones. Finally, try to change whether the parts will shake.

3, maintenance steps, essentials and maintenance cycle:

First, you need to add oil before starting the machine everyday, so as to increase the lubrication between the sliders. Then dry the oil and dust on the machine when you leave work. Finally, check whether the machine will leak.

4, operational safety requirements:

First of all, operators should concentrate on their work and not be distracted. Finally, the operator must obey the cadre's arrangement and guidance to operate the machine tool.

5, troubleshooting (when the machine does not turn or leak):

First, check the power switch and circuit. Then check the motor and line connector. Finally, repair the motor.

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