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Basic Knowledge Of Mechanical Seal Grinding Machine

Nov 06, 2018

1, grinding

The finishing method of removing a very thin surface layer from the workpiece by means of grinding tools and abrasives is called grinding.

When grinding, the mechanical seal grinder, after putting diamond or other abrasives between the workpiece and the compact disc, is extruded by diamond and the surface of the workpiece is broken. When the grinding disc and the workpiece move relative to each other, due to the irregularity of the abrasive, it rolls between the grinding disc and the workpiece surface, the fragments of the workpiece surface ruption and the breakage of the grinding wound are broken. The block is pushed away and repeated so that the surface of the workpiece gradually becomes a smooth and precise plane. According to whether the abrasive fluid is used in grinding, it can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding.

2. Abrasives

Abrasives are mixtures of abrasives and water or oil. According to the workpiece hardness and machining allowance, the mechanical seal grinding machine can use different sizes of abrasives.

3. Manual grinding

Manual grinding is usually carried out on the flat plate. The flat plate is square, and its size is 300 x 300 mm or 350 x 350 mm. The material is cast iron. The precision grade should not be lower than -"grade. The flat is usually three blocks, and must be checked regularly to ensure accuracy. When grinding the workpiece, the surface of the grinding board should be uniformly used, and the corresponding three plates should be repaired to calibrate each other. Only by keeping the accuracy of the grinding board regularly, the better grinding quality can be obtained.

4. Lapping machine

In the case of large batch production and mechanical seal maintenance, the grinder should be used. The grinder is a special equipment for grinding the surface. According to its structure, it can be divided into mechanical grinder and electromagnetic vibration grinder. There are single side grinder and double sided grinder in the mechanical grinder. Some grinders with higher automation can also automatically pressurize and measure the working thickness, so the grinding efficiency is high.

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