Definition And Characteristics Of Magnetic Polishing Machine

Definition and characteristics of magnetic polishing machine

Magnetic polishing machine is the use of electromagnetic force of super fine grinding, stainless steel needle transmission, high-speed flow, head movements, in the inner hole of the workpiece, the surface friction, achieve one-time polishing, cleaning, deburring and other precision grinding effect. Short working time, imported semi permanent stainless steel grinding material, low cost. (aiming at cleaning, polishing and deburring of inner hole, concave convex and non flat surface of precision hardware parts)


1., light metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic and other precision parts finished products, removal of burrs, chamfering, burr, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work completed once

2. irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead corners, cracks and so on, can be grinding processing

3., fast processing, simple operation, safety, low cost

4., finished products after deformation, does not affect accuracy

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