Development History Of Polishing Technology For Plane Polishing Machine

Development history of polishing technology for plane polishing machine

In fact, polishing behavior appeared early in the Neolithic unearthed devices, there was a trace of polishing. A large number of unearthed terracotta when the actual production have been applied to mechanical polishing

Polishing technology. The bronze mirror mirror processing technology in the Western Han Dynasty was more famous and described in the "Huainan son".

All the above surfaces are leveled and polished. They are rubbed together with the leveling objects with a simple roughness tool to achieve the goal of leveling.

Fine sand or soft and tenacity fibers with abrasive friction to further polish (polished) purposes. Iron oxide has been widely used in the Song Dynasty

Abrasive polishing technology, this technology is more than a few hundred years earlier than abroad. This is the first surface polishing machine used in the surface polishing machine, which is still in use so far.

The original shape of the polishing technique of a mechanical plane polishing machine.

Subsequently, it was found that the abrasive material was made into disc shaped plates, or the particles of abrasive materials were placed on the disc or belt to make it run, and it would be leveled and polished.

On top of it, it can get different levels of smoothness and brightness, and can save manpower and improve efficiency. With the development of the mechanical and electrical industry, this method is finally developed

For modern various forms of mechanical polishing technology.

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