External Polishing Machine Failure, How To Repair

External polishing machine failure, how to repair?

Long service life or improper operation are the reasons for the failure of the external polishing machine, and when the external polishing machine fails, it will directly affect the use, so in order not to affect its normal use, it is necessary to timely maintenance work. Then, how to carry out the maintenance work of the cylindrical polishing machine? Below for several common problems, given specific maintenance program.

Replacement of crossbeam supporting roller

After the equipment has been used for a certain period of time, due to the frequent reciprocating swing of the beam, the supporting roller causes wear and tear, and will cause mechanical movement failure, and must be replaced at a proper time. Before replacing, the first part is to purchase the required parts, and prepare all the support tools or equipment needed, and carry out the assistance with the help of professionals.

Step 1.: disassemble the support plate of both ends of the polishing machine; 2. loosen the crossbeam pressing mechanism; 3. lift the crossbeam with the lifting tool; 4. take out the worn roller row and replace the new parts; 5. change the lubricating oil in the bearing groove; 6. re install the equipment.

Attention: due to the replacement of the workload and difficulty, and affect the production, please ask users to roller maintenance, frequently replace oil, pay attention to waterproof, slag, prolong the service life of parts.

To regularly check the timing circuit of the polishing machine, polishing machine circuit if found problems for example the bare wire, short circuit, device damage need timely to replace, to prevent the safety in the process of using the polishing machine in question.

To each part of a regular basis to check the equipment, whether it is to check the reinforcement or functional components are needed regularly, if loose components appear to be able to reinforce immediately, to prevent the shedding of parts in work in the process of polishing machine.

Lubricating oil should be added to each part or injection hole of the polishing machine regularly. The existence of lubricating oil can reduce the friction between components, delay the loss of components and increase the service life of parts, which can reduce the maintenance cost of polishing machine.

When the above mentioned faults occur in the external polishing machine, the maintenance work can be carried out by using the above mentioned solutions so as to ensure the polishing machine to be put into use as soon as possible. Due to the type of failure can not list one by one, if there is no mention of the above-mentioned types of failure, do not panic, to seek professional maintenance unit can help.

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