Grinding And Polishing Process Of Ceramic Plane Grinding Machine

The importance of cooling the grinding disc in the process of grinding and polishing: Friends who are engaged in surface grinding all know that in the process of ultra-precision grinding and polishing thin and brittle parts, the grinding disc and the workpiece are in relative friction motion, and the contact area between the grinding disc and the workpiece is often high temperature, sometimes even several Baidu. Local high temperature will not only burn the surface of parts, forming a processing deterioration layer, but also cause local deformation of parts. At the same time, heat in the local high temperature area will be transmitted to the whole grinding disc by heat conduction, so that the grinding disc will also undergo thermal deformation. As a grinding tool, the surface accuracy of the grinding disc can be "duplicated" to the surface of the workpiece to a certain extent.


Therefore, the thermal deformation of the lapping disc itself will have an impact on the surface accuracy of the workpiece in the process of lapping and polishing. Moreover, the higher the temperature of the grinding disc is, the more uneven the workpiece will be affected by the deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to disperse the heat in the high temperature zone of the local grinding disc in time, and the temperature of each part of the combined grinding disc is relatively uniform and at a lower level. The cooling system of abrasive disc developed by Shenzhen Weianda Research Institute can achieve cooling effect uniformly and quickly, which ensures the requirements of abrasive technology.

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