How Much Do You Know About The Structural Features Of The Double Sided Lapping Machine?

The structure features of double single side lapping machine are as follows:

1. The double one-side grinder is driven by four motors, which can adjust the speed of the upper grinding disc, the lower grinding disc, the gear ring and the sun wheel separately, so that the grinding speed can reach the optimum speed ratio. The speed ratio of the sun wheel to the other three speeds can be stepless speed regulation, so that the cruise wheel can realize forward and reverse rotation, and meet different grinding and other three speed ratios. Requirements for repair process.

2. Double-sided grinding machine adopts PLC program control system, touch screen operation panel, motor adopts frequency conversion speed, motor speed and running time can be directly input to the touch screen.

3. The double one-sided grinder adopts four stages of pressure, i.e. light pressure, medium pressure, heavy pressure and grinding process.

Double single side lapping machine

4. Double-sided grinder is the lifting mode of the lower grinding disc. The high and low position of the lower grinding disc can stay in self-locking at will within the total stroke range to meet the needs of changing the high and low position of the cruise wheel engagement.

5. The grating thickness control system can be increased according to the user's requirement, and the thickness tolerance of the processed product can be controlled within the range of <0.002 mm, and the flatness tolerance can be controlled within the range of <0.001 mm.

When the upper and lower grinding discs of the double-sided grinder work for a period of time, the grinding disc will be damaged to a certain extent. In order to ensure the surface precision of the grinding disc processing capacity, our company for the double-sided grinder to increase the upper and lower grinding disc can be corrected by the repair machine, has become the large-scale double-sided grinder. The purpose of the four-stage pressure is to exert different weights of pressure on different workpieces, so as to achieve the desired surface accuracy.

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