How To Achieve The Best Brightness Of Polishing Machine

How to achieve the best brightness of polishing machine

How to achieve the best brightness of the polishing machine, for the answer to this question, I think the industry workers each have their own ideas, like one thousand people have the same one thousand Hamlett, after a summarized as follows:

To achieve the best polishing brightness, the first is the use of methods and technical organizations. What kind of polishing accessories are chosen to affect the polishing material, polishing accessories and technical organization?. Object material is different, technology is not the same. This is not only the disadvantage of an automatic polisher, but also the great potential of the automatic polishing machine.

Usually a master who has been engaged in automatic polishing for many years. You can experiment with polishing technology. In brief, when the plastic is polished, the motor speed of the lock is low, and the heat generated by the conflict can burn the object. The polishing accessories used are soft, thin and so on. In the process of technical organization, we should do polishing experiments, aging experiments and so on. Regular companies will set up a position responsible for this job. The title of the title is the technician. A good technician is also one of the guarantee of polishing brightness.

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