How To Eliminate The Phenomenon Of Orange Peel Of Mold Polishing Machine

How to eliminate the phenomenon of orange peel of mold polishing machine

How to eliminate and avoid orange peel phenomenon? To update the mold polishing equipment and technology, but also summed up the various operations in the process of accumulated experience. Mold polishing machine orange peel phenomenon, is the daily polishing process encountered in the common problem is polished, that is, the longer the polishing time, the quality of the surface of the mold is worse, there are two kinds of polishing over the phenomenon: that is, Orange peel and pitting. Common orange peel causes the mold surface to overheat or overburden caused by excessive, polishing pressure is too large and the polishing time is too long is the "orange peel" the main reason, embodied in the light guide plate polishing, so we must find a way to solve this A question. Polishing over time will vary depending on the hardness of the workpiece material. There are two ways to eliminate the already generated orange peel, a. To remove the defective surface, grinding the size of the sand than the previous use of a slightly rough, and then grinding, polishing a little lower particle size. b. The stress cell is carried out at a temperature lower than the tempering temperature of 25 ° C, and the finest sand is used for polishing before polishing, and finally polished with the lightest intensity. The formation of pitting the workpiece is often due to the steel in the hard and brittle oxide caused, so the cause of pitting is generally the polishing pressure is large, a long time, steel purity is not high, mold surface rust. There are three measures to eliminate: (1) carefully re-grinding the surface, the sand particle size than the previous use of a slightly rough size, the use of soft and sharp sharp stone for the final step grinding and then polished; (2) Size less than 1mm to avoid the use of the most soft polishing tool; (3) as far as possible with the shortest polishing time and the minimum polishing force. This article is collected by the China logo network. For more information, please visit the logo business school

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