How To Maintain The Polishing Machine?

How to maintain the polishing machine?

Polishing machine maintenance methods, please see the following points:

1, after each use, you must get the polishing pad, this is done to prevent damage to the polishing pad;

2, the machine should be tilted backward and the rear wheels must be stored in place;

3, after use, it is best to use hot water to clean the polishing pad;

4, promptly clean the base, wipe, remove polishing agents and dust, dirt;

5, the power line storage requirements, must be wrapped in the hanging hook, and then use a wet cloth to wipe the power line surface layer, if found the power cord damage, should be replaced in time, can not be used again;

6, after use, no longer need to use lubricating oil, high-speed polishing machine, gear, motor and other transmission systems have been done before the factory lubrication;

7, every month the best check drive belt tightness adjustment method, first remove the drive belt polishing pad driver, and then release the polishing pad on the pulley frame drive screw, and finally find the transmission belt tension bolt, adjust the degree of tightness;

8, check the high speed polishing machine, motor carbon brush wear degree, if found to wear more, it is necessary to replace in time, ensure the best polishing effect.

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