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How To Regulate The Use Of Cylindrical Polishing Machine?

Feb 21, 2020

How to regulate the use of cylindrical polishing machine?

In the daily use of the cylindrical polishing machine, we must use this equipment reasonably and in accordance with the operating regulations to effectively improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of operational errors. The following is a small editor to tell you how to regulate the use of cylindrical polishing machine.

I. Before using the cylindrical polishing machine, check the environment as follows

Keep hands and feet away from the rotating polishing head.

The operator must not step on the power cord or entangle it in the polishing head.

Operators must dress safely.

The polished area must not exceed the length of the power cord.

The operator shall not release the operation handle without authorization. When stopping, the handle must be released after the high-speed polishing machine has completely stopped rotating.

Do not use a polishing pad with dust or dirt on it. Replace the polishing pad when it is too dirty to clean.

When replacing or installing the polishing pad, the power must be turned off.

2. If you find the following conditions, you can not use the cylindrical polishing machine

The operator has not received professional training.

The operator has not learned the "safe operation procedures".

The high-speed polishing machine is not operating normally.

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