How To Save Energy And High Efficiency For Mechanical Seals Grinding Machine

1. The mechanical seal grinder consists of flange, cover, movable gasket, adjusting handle, positioning plate, static grinding plate, flange II, dynamic grinding plate, conveyor propeller, cooling water circulating system, mechanical seal, water-flushing mechanical seal device, motor, regulating plate, shell, in-situ cleaning device and base.

2. The water-impact mechanical seal device is located on the main shaft, and the mechanical seals are located at both ends of the water-impact mechanical seal device; the cooling water circulation system is located outside the water-impact mechanical seal device, which is connected with one end of the conveyor; the movable grinding disc is located at the other end of the conveyor, and the movable grinding disc is conical; the static grinding disc is matched with the movable grinding disc, and the movable gasket is located behind and adjusted by the static grinding disc. In front of the disc, it is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, difficult to deform, flexible adjustment, good stability, high accuracy, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Mechanical seals grinder.

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