How Will The Future Of The Polishing Machine Industry Change

How will the future of the polishing machine industry change?

business background: 

    Polishing makes the appearance of metal and other materials more beautiful and meets the aesthetic appeal of the general public. The global demand for polishing machines is very large, in recent years in foreign trade exports

Both domestic and domestic demand areas have a wide range of markets. The rapid development of China's manufacturing and processing industry in recent years is precisely a strong undertaking for these orders. A large number of small and medium-sized regulations

Mold polishing companies are in the downstream of the industrial chain. Due to limited scale, the company’s own pricing power is very weak, and business owners can only rely on compressed inputs to obtain more benefits. in

In China, where labor is relatively cheap, companies engaged in polishing processes are reluctant to carry out new techniques for polishing machinery when their interests have changed little. However, with

With the promotion of the global environment for industrial upgrading, the demand for processing efficiency has become higher and higher, making these processing plants increasingly difficult. At the same time, the entire society is more focused

Reprocessing workers' work environment and health issues require these processing companies to protect workers' rights and interests. The reporter was informed that the current domestic production of polished

Manual polishing is done by skilled workers through electric and pneumatic grinding tools. On the one hand, automation technology has not been grasped by related companies. What's more important is that

Because China's labor costs are relatively cheap.


 With the promotion of the global surface treatment process, polishing treatment has become an important symbol of surface beautification, and the market is expanding. And after polishing it is cleaner

It can also facilitate other surface treatments, such as gold plating, engraving, drawing and so on. Therefore, it has become the international mainstream surface treatment industry. In recent years, with the Chinese polishing

Broken expansion, polishing machine industry crisis:

1. Government indulgence leads to mixed fish and dragons

    Some local governments have adopted some compromise measures in order to develop the local economy and connived at some companies that did not meet the standards. Caused related lines

The entry threshold of the industry was lowered, some of the environment was not up to standard, and enterprises with insufficient safety guarantees were in the influx. In some small and medium cities, especially near the large five

The regions where gold manufacturing companies are located (China is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc.) will often gather a group of SMEs. Insiders told reporters:

“In these areas, because of the small size of the city, it is difficult to obtain the favor of major universities. Local leaders often regard such enterprises as the focus of investment and give them various aspects.

Take care because they will bring performance and tax return to the place. ”


 In the investment promotion announcement issued by a local government, there has been a case of land transfer for a new industrial project with an investment intensity of no less than 5,000 yuan per square meter.

After the gold is paid in full, the same level of finance will be given different proportions of the fixed investment according to its actual amount: the shortage of one-off fixed assets of RMB 5 million or more.

A 100 million yuan industrial project may be returned to the enterprise by the financial department at the same level according to the actual land to pay 30% or more of the retained gold government.

"In addition, local governments will give greetings to these companies in advance when they are inspected by the departments of environmental protection and safety supervision," said the insider of the industry. "Foreigners are unwilling

All of them are outsourced or imported directly from China, because the polishing industry is too dirty and related workers are prone to pneumoconiosis. "Working in polishing

The frontline people responded like this. This is because due to the large amount of dust generated during the polishing process, the respiratory tract and the skin infiltrate the workers’ bodies.

People's health has caused great harm, and even deteriorated over time into pneumoconiosis, so many domestic large-scale polishing production companies, such as BYD, Yue Ling, and Wanfeng

Aowei also outsourced its polishing operations to other small-scale polishing companies.

2, small and medium-sized polishing companies

    In metal polishing production, many domestic skilled workers use electric and pneumatic grinding tools to manually polish. This will produce a lot of production

dust. While causing harm to the human body, there are still hidden dangers of dust explosion. (Jin Zhuo Information Report) Reporter Winners from Polishing Industry

Due to the labor intensity of metal polishing and the large amount of harmful dust generated during the polishing process, the respiratory tract and the skin penetrate into the body of the workers.

It has caused great harm to the health of workers, and even deteriorated into pneumoconiosis over time. With the progress of the times and the manifestation of social contradictions, polishing workers have become less and less.

Willing to engage in polishing. The above-mentioned polishing industry sources said.


  According to medical experts, polishing dust can enter the lungs directly through the respiratory tract. Long time and large amounts of inhalation can be deposited in the lungs and form

Lungs. Always remember to wear a dust mask when working. If the granules are thick, they can cause itching, and long-term exposure can also enter the blood circulation system.

System, and metal powder can not be broken down in the human rest, because the particles are extremely small, easy to be absorbed by the skin surface thickness, it is easy to cause damage to the skin. Now

Most of the polishing powder used contains aluminum and a high content of soil. Once the aluminum salt enters the body, it is deposited in the brain first, which may cause brain damage and cause serious

Loss of memory, which is a symptom specific to Alzheimer's disease. In addition, long-term exposure to articles with high rare earth content may cause damage to the human liver and bones.


 For the safety supervision of the polishing industry, some time ago, the government conducted a shutdown inspection on all polishing workshops in China, resulting in a lot of polishing lines.

Industry-related product supply and demand imbalances, mobile phone industry, automotive industry, hardware industry, etc. may be implicated. The traditional polishing industry is faced with irrelevant defects



Industrial upgrading: 

    Our country needs to get rid of the dilemma that the developed countries regard as the "garbage industry" transfer destination. Is it the price that we collectively give up the entire polishing industry, which is not

realistic. Only from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, from a labor-intensive to a technology-intensive one, even if others continue to

The transfer of manufacturing industries to China can still maintain the healthy development of the industry. The polishing business involves materials such as metal, ceramics, and stone, and is widely used.

For the military industry, aerospace, kitchen and toiletry, accessories, construction, transportation, packaging, electricity, machine manufacturing and information industry, etc.

The polishing business has become an indispensable part of many industries. This prompted us to further optimize and upgrade all areas of the polishing industry.


 According to Nie Chen, CEO of Jin Zhu Polishing Machinery, at first, Jin Zhu, as a polishing machine manufacturer, is also the same as other manufacturers, mainly doing manual polishing machines.

However, as the market demands more and more production of polishing, and at the same time, the technical and technological requirements are getting higher and higher, the requirements of customers in this area are also increasing.

The more demanding. So it began to develop like semi-automatic, fully automated. This has prompted the company's technology to improve in an all-round way, and employees' horizons have been opened.

    Nie believes that in the future, the domestic polishing industry will have to carry out an overall upgrade, change the manual method in the past, and turn it into an automated polishing production line.

If you do not upgrade, you may only be eliminated. The industrial upgrading of the polishing industry has become a necessary and imminent task, which concerns the entire industry.

The life and death of the company, and the first one to go the company will no doubt receive a handsome return.

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