Importance Of Selection And Coordination Between Grinding Machines, Abrasives And Workpieces

Customers in the process of grinding often encounter such or such problems, such as the customer grinding out of the product parts blackened, not bright or blown and so on. After understanding and analysis of grinding, it is found that most of the reasons are due to the wrong choice of grinding materials or grinding machinery.

For example, a customer who manufactures luggage hardware, all of his products are zinc alloy die-castings, he uses brown corundum abrasive to grind, the result is more and more grinding black; there is also a stainless steel circular gasket, using vibration grinding machine to battle front, in the grinding process, there are many gaskets overlap together, high rate of defective products. Wait. These problems are closely related to the three important three factors of grinding. Since this is so important, what is the three element of grinding? This is the grinding machine, grinding materials and workpieces, only a good match between the three can play a multiplier effect with half the effort, the following three elements are analyzed separately:

Grinding machine

In surface treatment, the commonly used machinery are vibration grinder, magnetic grinder, roller grinder, centrifugal grinder, eddy current polishing machine, in which vibration grinder and roller grinder are the most widely used. Vibration grinding machine is easy to operate and is used for small, medium and large-scale processing of various parts; roller grinding machine is an economical grinding and polishing machine, which rotates parts and grinding media horizontally in closed drums during operation, and its speed is slow. It is often used for small size and thin parts, especially those parts with large plane. The centrifugal grinder is actually a high-speed cylinder polishing machine. It is generally driven by a large disk four (small machine also has two) Centrifugal Polishing barrels high-speed rotation, friction force, polishing effect is good, often used in vibration polishing machine, roller polishing machine. Finishing machine is not easy to process small parts; eddy current machine is also a high-speed polishing machine, through the chassis rotation, forming a strong over-current friction movement, used for small parts to batch, deburring, polishing. The latest research and development of magnetic abrasive mill automatic intelligent operation is simple, time-saving and labor-saving, specially designed for small parts to batch, deburring, polishing design.

Two. Customer artifacts

Different materials of parts, different specifications of parts, different requirements of parts, also requires the matching of different machines and grinding media. For example, die-cast zinc alloy parts need to be scaled, resin abrasive stone should be used, and stamped stainless steel parts need to be batched and deburred, then brown corundum abrasive with high cutting force should be used...

Three. Abrasive materials

Abrasive materials include abrasive stones, polishing stones, abrasives, glossing agents, cleaning agents and other abrasive polishing materials, each of which has its own scope of application, such as plastic abrasive stones for softer materials, such as aluminum, zinc, copper, plastics, etc. Ceramic abrasive stones for harder materials, such as iron, stainless steel, white iron. The polishing material is iron, the polishing material is copper, the polishing material is copper, the polishing material is copper, the hand tool cutter is used for all kinds of wrenches, sleeves, nozzles to remove the black film, to remove the oxide scale, if used in other parts, may corrode, damage parts and so on. To sum up the above cases, as long as customers fully understand the performance and characteristics of the three elements of grinding, they can effectively match, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort in the grinding process.

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