Main Points For Attention And Purchase Of Horizontal Sand Mill

The following problems should be paid attention to in the purchase of horizontal sand mill.

1. grinding barrel material: in horizontal sand mill among this industry most many manufacturers are using the grinding barrel made of stainless steel (304), in the stainless steel material which can be divided into many kinds, such as: Jiangsu, Chongqing and Qinhuangdao, their equipment is mainly used to do 304 stainless steel mill barrel if you do, the water will appear rust, in the eyes of everybody that the 304 stainless steel is generally not rusty, but their equipment in the grinding of the time or for a period of time where the equipment does not work, the water inside for a long time, there will be rusty. 304, the reason is the steel contains a called nickel element, nickel content of 304 steel is the highest in 8, the steel will not rust, they used 304 steel mainly containing 4 nickel, so the grinding time There will be the phenomenon of rust, if you will be grinding white materials gray (black), titanium blue if using stainless steel barrel grinding will appear dark blue (grinding the longer the more reflected the deep blue color, the reason is that the stainless steel barrel and pure zirconia beads friction when zirconium beads the hardness is higher than the hardness of stainless steel, so the more serious wear barrel) the same with red when the barrel body of the grinding stainless steel will also change the phenomenon of the reason. So when many manufacturers to the user with a selection of grinding mesons are usually used glass beads and ordinary zirconia, so wear of the grinding barrel is relatively small, but there will be what kind of shortcomings, such as you do now is material requires about 0.2um-0.5um (200 nm -500 nm), so the fineness of you is relatively high, if you use stainless steel barrel or zirconia glass, as ordinary mesons, there will be a long time down material fineness, will change, at the same time, our equipment is mainly used in wear-resistant alloy steel imports is a kind of wear-resistant alloy steel imports a Swedish name (100) is one of the world's chain of wear-resistant alloy steel company, grinding meson we use is pure zirconia imported beads containing zirconium content above 95, the ratio of its The weight of the glass beads is 4, and the proportion of the glass beads is about 2.5 in the proportion of the 2 ordinary zirconium beads. When the material in the grinding barrel inside the grinding is mainly meson pure zirconia grinding barrel inside the beads and material impact with the barrel friction to a grinding effect, if the proportion of the more abrasive meson impact strength is greater, grinding fineness is easy to down, the proportion of light intensity of the impact on the smaller the fineness is difficult.

2. grinding barrel material: rotor in the process in terms of the above horizontal sand mill was divided into two kinds, one is the grinding disc disc, second rotor grinding barrel and pin rod pin rod of the horizontal sand mill in the first disc, the barrel wall of the barrel body is not smooth what other shapes, with grinding wheel in the rotor, so the effect is to have certain limitations, but the pin rod horizontal sand mill is mainly embodied in the wall of the bucket rod d above the barrel body, the rotor is above rod (rod material mainly is Ding Ding technology, tungsten steel) grinding will improve many, mainly reflected in the impact of the motion state of the intensity of grinding material and zirconium beads in the grinding barrel inside the grinding disc, meson zirconia beads in the barrel body which is mainly straight back and forth movement, so the grinding fineness above will take a long time, in the pin The technology of horizontal sand mill is two kinds of folding line motion and straight-line motion. The limiting speed per second is 12m/s (mainly refers to a speed of zirconium beads moving in the barrel). So the bar pin type horizontal sand mill is much more obvious than the disc type horizontal sand mill.

3. material and grinding meson (zirconium beads) separation device: when the separation material and grinding medium in the horizontal sand mill which is mainly with the interval separating device, the interval separating device is mainly composed of static ring and moving ring is composed of two parts, static ring is mainly on the mechanical seal mounted on the side is not moving the rotor is, and material contact this side, the main material of the static ring and moving ring is made of pure tungsten, the gap between them we are according to your material requirements fineness adjustment such as you now require the fineness is 200 nm to 500 nm, then we will be the gap between 0.1-0.4mm mm (we give you do the equipment is the modulation of the 17 wire is 0.17mm), the smaller the gap interval separating the grinding material meson is smaller, generally 3 times greater than the ground meson separation gap, so I The size of the grinding meson that we configure for you here is 0.6-0.8, the proportion of pure zirconia beads is 4.0., which has a good effect on the fineness of your material grind. It is mainly reflected in the short time and fineness, and the yield is high.

The cooling effect of 4. mechanical seals and equipment company of mechanical seal is used in Germany imported brands of no leakage, general service life of 8 thousand hours or more, due to the sealing lubrication itself is very good, do not need to rely on external help such as lubricating oil lubrication, thus changing the traditional ordinary mechanical seal oil cooling, the most critical mechanical seal circulating liquid miscible with the grinding material by solvent or water, to avoid pollution products in the production of the accident, cause unnecessary economic losses. When the barrel of the equipment is cooled, it mainly uses water cooling, mainly in these aspects of cooling: mechanical seal, grinding barrel, front end plate and axial four position cooling.