Main Polishing Forms Of Automatic Polishing Machine

Main polishing forms of automatic polishing machine

Do you know what kinds of polishing forms are used in the automatic polishing machine? The first thing we need to know is that metal polishing is divided into physical polishing and chemical polishing. Physical polishing is divided into manual polishing and automatic polishing. At present, most of the polishing plants are manually polished due to cost and technical limitations. Chemical polishing is divided into chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing, but because the cost is too high does not correspond to the actual production requirements. The use of automatic polishing machine for polishing operations, which belongs to the field of automatic polishing in physical polishing, the following to understand the specific:

There are two kinds of physical polishing: manual polishing and automatic polishing

Manual polishing machine uses artificial hand-held workpiece, through artificial pressure to make the workpiece and rotating abrasive belt or polishing wheel friction with the use of polishing wax, so as to achieve the effect of surface grinding and polishing. This is the advantage of using artificial way of polishing polishing flexibility, shape limit is not limited to the fixed production machinery, all kinds of products can be polished surfaces of gold. This requires manual polishing methods, suitable for labor intensive areas, and polishing operation requires long time training, there are certain technical requirements. The disadvantage is manual polishing labor intensity, technical requirements are higher, so manual polishing cost is higher. In addition, manual polishing due to mechanical structure and environment lead to heavy dust, which has a greater harm to the health of human body, may lead to pneumoconiosis and some skin diseases. And manual polishing can not be mass-produced, the production efficiency is low, the light process is not stable, not suitable for high yield products. The disadvantage is manual polishing labor intensity, technical requirements are higher, so manual polishing higher labor costs.

Automatic polishing refers to the use of mechanical processing method for polishing the surface of the product, without manual operation in the process of polishing, only general operating machinery can be. Generally, the working table or conveyor belt is used to fix the product on the worktable or the conveyor belt, and the automatic polishing wheel is used for polishing. Mechanical polishing susceptible to mechanical technology, machinery can not flexible operation, making some more irregular shape products can not fully meet the polishing effect, especially the standard machine has some limitations in this regard. Mechanical machining is suitable for polishing of a single kind of products, and different types and shapes of products need to be replaced by fixtures or worktable structures.

But there is no doubt that the advantages of the automatic polishing machine, high production efficiency, mass production can be relatively fixed products. Secondly, mechanical polishing can save a lot of manpower, reduce labor costs, improve the production environment, less dust hazard, but also the trend of the automatic polishing polishing industry at present, with the national requirements of enterprise environment supervision and consideration for cost efficiency, and gradually change the way of polishing polishing manufacturers that use more automatic polishing method

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