Pneumatic Polishing Machine How To Polish The Glass

Pneumatic polishing machine how to polish the glass

Glass polishing is a very fine grinding technology, the needs of our operators carefully and carefully for the job, today for us to introduce the use of pneumatic polishing machine to polish the glass of knowledge.

    After the glass is finished, the glass is polished, All the change and use of rules and rules are used and polishing processing.

    After the end of the grinding process, the need for the use of warm water erosion processing of the workpiece to effectively remove the adhesion of the diamond powder, and then the workpiece with a pneumatic polishing machine in the preparation of polishing, polishing disc surface and the need to cooperate with the glass surface shape, Is glass mirror light.

    Usually in the next to prepare the warm water, the first polishing plate immersed in the warm water bucket so that the outer surface of the soft, and then will be placed on the workpiece, so that cooperation with the glass, and then start the grinding machine.

    Polishing it is necessary to understand the shape of the workpiece, the appearance of the luminosity and other processing of the exact understanding of the scene, polished to 5 minutes the demand will be processed, stop to view, look at the center edge of the azimuth difference to determine whether the polishing process is accurate, It is not possible to add too much polishing powder, or it will make the polishing agent play the role of sliding, but no polishing effect, the polishing agent can be used to increase the machine automatic device, the amount of polishing workers need to be defined by the inspection , Because the degree of polishing of the workpiece is not the same, is able to determine the type of polishing agent is not the use of accurate.

    Polishing processing will not affect the thickness of the workpiece after all, the normal polishing processing will be the workpiece to detect a minimum of 0.03mm thickness, and this value is in the scale of the contract.

    In the polishing time after more than half, and then to see the workpiece to see its official service is not reached the scale of the rules, this view is very large contact, if it is not in line with the requirements of the request to do polishing in time to correct, The criteria for the amendment are very serious.

    In the workpiece plane processing time, check the appearance of the glass is not in line with the request, the best is under the light to view, and then the processing of the workpiece to clean, the final glass will be coated with protective glue to protect the glass lens effect.

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