Polishing Machine Maintenance Method

polishing machine maintenance method
Any equipment should have the right to use, so as to ensure efficient work, so the maintenance problems can not be ignored a bit, in modern society, the skin need maintenance, car needs maintenance and so on, what kind of condition maintenance attention greatly, so it is so for polishing machine. The following polishing machine to introduce seven maintenance methods.

 (1) must be placed in a rear wheel. Equipment to tilt.

(2) remove the polishing pad after each use and clean the polishing pad with hot water.


(3) after the end do not need to use lubricating oil.


(4) the power cord should be placed in the specified location. If there is a problem with the power cord to replace.

(5) immediately after the cleaning of the base frame, to ensure that no dust and polishing agent.


(6) to regularly check the tightness of the traditional tape. Be sure to adjust the tightness.  

(7) the abrasion of the polishing machine should be checked at any time. If the condition is serious, it should be replaced immediately. The above is polishing machine after use of polishing machine equipment maintenance, must be in accordance with these basic requirements to do maintenance, can prolong the service life of equipment, and more efficient production.