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Polishing Machine Used Asynchronous Motor Winding How Cascade Control Operation

Jan 04, 2020

Polishing machine used asynchronous motor winding how cascade control operation

① No additional resistance is connected in series in the rotor circuit, but an additional potential E is connected in series, the phase of which is opposite to the phase of the rotor potential, which will reduce the speed of the motor and achieve speed regulation

② The inverter's slip energy can be fed back to the grid using an inverter, so the efficiency quotient

③The capacity of the speed control device is proportional to the speed control range, the speed control range is small, the slip power is small, the capacity of the speed control device is also small, and the equipment investment is correspondingly reduced

④ When the governor fails, it can be switched to run at rated speed

⑤ The power factor is low, and the generated high-order harmonics have a greater impact on the power grid.

⑥The thyristor cascade speed regulating device has no rotating part, and the maintenance capacity

Suitable for occasions requiring single-quadrant operation, suitable for pump speed regulation.

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