Safety Operating Rules For Polishing Machine

One, untrained personnel are not allowed to operate this equipment

In the operation of the plane grinding machine, the operators also have certain requirements, without professional training or not learning the safety procedures of the personnel to carry out the work of the polishing machine, so as to avoid accidents.

Two. Operator training

Before the operation, the operator must accept the safety operation of the training package, the adjustment of the equipment, the quality identification, the work discipline and so on; the specific content and the implementation of the production workshop and the group are responsible. After the training is qualified, the equipment can be formally operated by the recommendation of the monitor and the consent of the workshop manager.

Three, preparatory work and site requirements

Check before starting:

1, the power switch is in good contact.

2. There are no foreign bodies, bolts, belts and swirling joints on the machine tool. Whether the loosening, feeding, guiding and polishing wheels are rotating normally are all parts clean.

3, the choice of polishing wheel and whether the distance between each wheel is consistent with the specification and shape of the specially processed material.

4. Check the processed materials for inspection: whether there is any deformation or serious scratches.

5, whether there are any piles in the working area, and whether there are any hidden dangers.

6, protective measures, such as opening the exhaust fan, wearing a respirator, wearing gloves, the direction of the discharge port, and so on.

After closing the machine, it is required:

1, all power switches must be shut down.

2, clean up the dust on machine tools and parts, clean the site and keep the materials neatly placed.

Four, the opening operation of the polishing machine

1, let the motor run for 2-3 minutes first. When the machine is switched on, the operator is not allowed to leave the machine, and it is forbidden to do other irrelevant things.

2, long sleeved clothes must wear hand sleeves and long hair must wear a hat.

3. The rotating parts should not be wiped when the machine is opened.

3. Wear work glasses and mask when polishing operation.

4, do not look at the work of four times, absent-minded.

5, wear tight clothing, not wear loose clothes. In order to prevent the clothing from getting involved in the polishing wheel, it is dangerous.

6. The outer edge of the polishing machine should have a protective cover to prevent the particles thrown from the polishing wheel from hitting the face.

7, do not allow any part of the body and clothing to contact the polishing wheel.

8, good ventilation environment, to avoid dust aggregation.

Attention: during processing, we must always observe the deformation, burn, scratch, brightness and other problems during the polishing process.  The problem is that the problem is to stop in time to adjust the corresponding adjustment. When the problem is not clear or the adjustment can not solve the problem, we should report to the Department of the workshop in time and seek the methods to deal with and solve the problem.

Five. Pitch adjustment

As the specifications and shapes of the materials are different, it is necessary to wake up the adjustment of wheel tread, adjust the feeding wheel and guide wheel. Each adjustment should be the same on the same side, as far as possible to maintain the other side of the wheel, so that each adjustment of each wheel can be guaranteed on the same line. Each adjustment should be tightened until the proper tightness is reached. The polishing wheel should be closed at this time.

The adjustment of the polishing wheel should be replaced before each adjustment according to the size and shape of the material. If the polishing wheel is not consistent or deformed, it is necessary to adjust the polishing wheel to the size and shape of the material before adjusting the polishing wheel. The adjustment of the polishing wheel is subject to the change of the size. The influence must be adjusted by two wheels. Each adjustment is loose until tight contact is reached.

Note: do not change the straight direction of the material. Polishing process should often waxing the polishing wheel to avoid surface roughness and reduce the polishing effect - quality requirements.

Six. Storage of equipment

The polishing machine also needs to be paid attention to many aspects in storage, such as the need to cut off the power supply, backward tilt and rear wheel storage and so on, and the environment is also placed in a dry place.

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