Selection Of Abrasive Media For Sanding Mill And The Precautions

Selection of abrasive media for sanding mill and the precautions

1, the choice of grinding beads:

With the fineness of the material requirements more and more high, the use of sand grinder is more and more common, and the market grinding medium is more, how to choose a more suitable for their own production process and conditions of grinding medium, is a more critical and demanding. Here are some simple analysis of the following aspects.

2. Chemical composition

Grinding media According to the different materials can be divided into glass beads, ceramic beads (including zirconium silicate beads, zirconia beads, two alumina beads, rare earth metal stabilized zirconia beads, etc.), such as steel balls.

Because of the difference of chemical composition and manufacturing process, the crystal structure of grinding bead is determined, and the dense crystal structure ensures the high-strength, high abrasion resistance and low ink absorption of the beads. The percentage content of various ingredients determines the proportion of the abrasive beads, the high proportion provides the guarantee for the grinding efficiency; the natural wear of the abrasive bead in the grinding process will have a certain effect on the performance of the slurry, so besides considering the low wear rate, the chemical element of scruples is also the factor to be considered. such as abrasive tape powder or other electronic components slurry, metal Fe, CU and other elements should be avoided, containing $literal or CuSO4 and other components of the grinding beads are not selected, so the choice of zirconium beads is often the industry's general choice; as abrasive pesticides, pharmaceuticals and biochemical aspects, heavy metals as scruples elements, and PBO as the most common ingredients. In short, the chemical composition of the beads of some of the physical properties (hardness, density, wear resistance) and its own wear to the slurry contamination is the choice of grinding medium to consider factors.

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