Special Function Of Double-sided Grinding Machine

1. The double-sided grinding machine passes a time relay and a grinding counter, which can accurately set and control the grinding time and the number of lapping cycles according to the processing requirements. When working, the pressure mode can be adjusted. When the grinding time or lap speed is reached, the alarm will stop automatically and the semi-automatic operation will be realized.

2. Double-sided grinder forms closed-loop control by increasing thickness grating ruler, and automatically stops the set thickness to realize on-line control of production. The surface grinder adopts reciprocating motion of hydraulic suspension guide rail. It can repair the surface of the grinding disc to 2um precision flatness in a short time. It can also set the micro-groove according to the requirements of the grinding/polishing process, so that the grinding disc can get ideal plane effect. It is a set of high precision grinding/polishing units. It is specially designed for grinding silicon carbide, optical crystal glass, optical fibers, dies, light guide plates, valves and hardware components.

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