Square Tube Polishing Machine Product Features And Performance

Square tube polishing machine product features and performance

The use of human-machine interface, the entire Chinese PLC programmable system, to achieve automatic control.

Automatic control functions and manual control functions can switch between each other, can achieve the sub-sub-control, the work parameters can be adjusted.

Square tube polishing machine transmission part of the use of two kinds of optical and mechanical sensors dual control to ensure system security. The motor adopts synchronous belt drive, low noise, smooth operation.

The equipment is equipped with protective cover to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

To achieve the removal of burr, polishing and other multiple effects

Can set the time, processing speed, simple and safe operation

Polishing materials fastened to the polishing head, the motor power to start, by adjusting the polishing head position, so that polishing materials and objects to be polished in full contact.

Polishing machine function settings:

1 with automatic, manual transfer switch, with automatic power, shutdown function

2 with a time setting function, depending on the specific number and shape of the workpiece can adjust the grinding time

3 main motor operation and lifting system with a slow function 4 with a good grounding device 5 with emergency stop button and sound and light alarm device alarm Tip: ⑴ outdated alarm; ⑵ overload alarm; ⑶ on, cutting operation failure alarm; ⑷ misuse alarm.

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