Structure And Characteristics Of High Speed Lapping Machine

The centrifugal high-speed grinding machine is equipped with four drums. The relative motion of revolution and rotation is produced when the drum rotates at high speed with the disc. The grinding motion of the parts and grinding stone, water and grinding agent in the drum is obtained. The deburring and polishing process of parts surface can be completed quickly in a very short time. This product adopts the advanced planetary processing principle, especially suitable for small parts of large and small batches of deburring, surface oxide and polishing processing. It can reduce the contact fatigue strength of parts and improve the surface finish of parts. The accuracy is 2 - 3. If the four grinding grooves are tilted 15 degrees, the ultra high performance of ultra short time grinding can be achieved.

Structure and characteristics of high speed lapping machine

The main structure of the centrifugal high-speed grinding machine is composed of the main motor driving mechanism, the belt wheel system which drives the rotating body, the disc rotating body which drives the planetary transmission, the roller, the chain wheel system which drives the roller to rotate, the chain wheel reducer mechanism which controls the roller to rotate and unload, the operation control system and the safety insurance system.

What are the characteristics of high-speed centrifugal polishing machines?

1. It is suitable for grinding and advanced grinding and polishing of small and ultra-thin parts.

2, the drum can replace the polyurethane inner drum, which is convenient and fast, reduces the cost and improves the work efficiency.

3, synchronous belt transmission, stable operation, low noise, safety and environmental protection.

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