The Correct Operation Mode Can Effectively Extend The Service Life Of The Ceramic Plane Lapping Machine.

The correct operation of ceramic plane lapping machine is as follows:

1. There are two kinds of dressing methods for ceramic surface grinder: after dressing the surface by dressing mechanism, better flatness can also be obtained. The dressing principle is consistent with the lathe principle, the grinding disc rotates, a knife can move forward and backward to cut the grinding surface driven by the tool rod, and the production must reach.001 mm. In order to better ensure the quality of products is the use of reference plane electroplated diamond dressing wheel to dress, because electroplated diamond dressing wheel is basically not worn, can get a higher flatness.

Ceramic plane lapping machine

2. The flatness of the grinding plate of the ceramic surface grinder is the basis of grinding and the guarantee of getting the plane of the precise workpiece. In the process of grinding, the flatness of the grinding disc will decrease. The main reason is that the internal and external linear velocity of the grinding disc is different, and the wear is not consistent. The grinding wheel must be regularly trimmed.

3. When the spindle speed is less than 200 RPM, the surface temperature of the workpiece is lower because of the lower plastic work, less heat generated and the timely cooling of the grinding fluid. Therefore, the mechanical deformation plays a major role in this time and the degree of work hardening is improved. In the process of grinding, the abrasive with chromium oxide as abrasive is coated on the working surface of the abrasive tool. Because the abrasive is softer than the abrasive tool and the workpiece, the abrasive is suspended between the workpiece and the abrasive tool in the grinding process. The chemical action between the abrasive and the workpiece surface is mainly used to determine the transportation according to the size and height ratio of the workpiece surface. The speed and direction of movement, or not placed in the middle of the workpiece, resulting in forced force or unequal force on the workpiece. In grinding, because the wear in the middle of the grinding plate is larger than the edge, it is easy to make the surface of the grinding plate concave.

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