The Use Of Polishing Machine

The use of polishing machine


1, boot, open the "emergency stop" button;


2, adjust the sink card bit the appropriate slot stuck, record the card bit data, the caliper position to take pictures (Note: the water hole at the center of the turntable);


3, the program name number, "reset" to the original position;


4, adjust the grinding wheel depth, pay attention to adjust the sensor lower limit position and screw position;

5, the existing data "data clear", press the "debug to stop", "debug start" light, start debugging, the steps are as follows:

"grinding wheel before", the appropriate rotation of the wheel position;

② "workpiece is" the workpiece will rotate a certain angle;

③ "grinding wheel", the grinding wheel after the appropriate position, so that the grinding wheel and the water at the arc in close contact.


6, complete the debugging, the data "monitoring" to check whether there are abnormal data. If so, to amend it;


7, after the completion of the amendment, press the "debug start", commissioning start light off, debugging end; "transferred to" automatic "block, and then" reset ", open the" automatic start "


8, check the polishing effect, to amend, complete debugging.


1, debugging process, do not press the "grinding wheel stop" button;

2, only when the grinding wheel moved to the sensor before the limit position, the "grinding wheel down" operation can be carried out;

3, at the corner as far as possible to squeeze the wheel, and correct the corner position;

4, in the wide side and narrow side of the junction, switch grinding wheel speed;

5, in the adjustment of the depth of the tank operation, do not place the hand under the screw.