Vibration Lapping Machine Has High Frequency Vibration, Saves Time And Improves Quality.

1. don't drive too fast at work to avoid collision.

2. do not use flammable liquids to wash floors, or operate machines in explosive air.

3. do not lift the lever when operating the machine, which will cause the machine to run out of control.

4. The machine must be kept indoors. It must not be exposed to rain or snow. It must not be allowed to spray any liquid on the top of the machine.

5. Do not press anything on the machine because it has a precise balance. When the operation needs to move the operating mark, all the wires must be moved.

6. the bottom line must be connected to the switch box and motor, which will cause electric shock and shock.

Vibration lapping machine

Suitable for grinding and polishing large quantities of small, medium-sized parts, improve work efficiency 6-10 times vibration grinder with high frequency vibration, so that the workpiece and abrasive stone or steel beads, abrasives and other close and uniform mixing, rolling in a spiral eddy current, vibration grinder to abrasive cutting or polishing workpiece surface, especially those vulnerable to The deformation or shape is complex, and the working object in the hole is vibrating.

Vibration grinding machine has high frequency vibration, which makes the workpiece mix with abrasive stone or steel ball, abrasive and so on closely and evenly, and roll in a spiral eddy current. Vibration grinding machine is used to grind and cut or polish the surface of workpiece, especially those easily deformed or with complex shape and dead angle in the hole. Uniform quality can be obtained, and can be sampled at any time during processing and operation, saving time and improving quality; the material selection area of vibration grinder is equipped with switching gate, filter screen and so on, which can separate the abrasive from the abrasive, easy material selection and simple operation.

1. Adopting the advanced spiral rolling flow and three-dimensional vibration principle in the world, the parts and the roll-polishing abrasive can grind each other.

2. Vibration grinding machine is suitable for grinding and polishing large quantities of small, medium-sized parts, which can improve work efficiency by 6-10 times.

3. The process of the vibrating lapping machine does not destroy the original size and shape of the parts.

4. Vibration grinder can grind and process a large number of workpieces at one time, check the processing of parts at any time, realize automation and unmanned operation, easy to operate

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