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What Are The Applications Of Polishing Machines?

Aug 19, 2017

What are the applications of polishing machines?

Polishing machine, as the name suggests, is to remove some of the surface roughness of the parts of the object, so as to achieve the mirror effect. The key to the operation of the polishing machine is to try to obtain the maximum polishing rate so as to remove the damaged layer as soon as possible.

The polishing is carried out in two stages. Coarse throw

Remove the grinding damage layer, this stage should have the maximum rate of polishing, rough polishing surface damage is the formation of a secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; the second is fine polishing (or final polishing), its purpose is to remove the rough polishing surface damage, the damage to the small polishing.

When the polishing machine is polished, the sample grinding surface and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and uniformly pressed lightly on the polishing disc, so as to prevent the sample from flying out and produce new grinding marks due to too much pressure. It should also make sample rotation and move back and forth along the radius direction of the turntable, in order to avoid polishing fabric local wear too fast in the polishing process to continuously add the polishing liquid or other polishing agent, polishing fabric to maintain a certain humidity. Too much moisture grinding polishing effect is weakened, the samples in hard phase showed relief and nonmetal inclusion in cast iron and graphite have a "tail drag" phenomenon; humidity is too small, due to friction will make the sample temperature, reduced lubrication, grinding to lose luster, and even spots, light alloy throw will hurt the surface will appear yellow, is like.

After rough polish smooth, but under the microscope with intense darkness without light, uniform and meticulous

The grinding mark should be eliminated by polishing. Fine polishing appropriately increasing the speed dial polishing time to remove the damaged layer of rough polishing is appropriate. After the fine grinding polishing bright as a mirror, can not see the scratches on the bright field microscope conditions, but in contrast lighting conditions will still see the marks.

In recent years, the performance of the polishing machine at home and abroad made a lot of research work on polishing equipment many new models, new generation, by manual operation become semi automatic and automatic polishing machine, all kinds of original

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