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What Are The Applications Of Vibration Polishing Machine

Oct 29, 2020

What are the applications of vibration polishing machine

1. The vibrating polishing machine is suitable for work objects that are easily deformed or hit marks, for grinding or material selection operations. There is a vortex inclined passage around the upper end, and the mixture of work objects and polishing abrasives flows forward in a spiral shape during the material selection operation. Material selection area

    2. Adopt the principle of spiral tumbling flow and three-dimensional vibration to make the workpiece and polishing abrasive vibrate and polish each other;

    3. Through the PLC automatic control system, unmanned operation, easy to operate, during the working process, the processing conditions of the parts can be checked at any time;

    4. The material selection area is equipped with switching gates, filters, etc., which can separate the abrasive from the polished abrasive, which is easy to select and simple to operate;

    Advantages and characteristics of vibration polishing machine produced by Henan Zhongzheng Decoration Machinery Co., Ltd.

    1. Large output: all adopt flat-bottom and straight-edge design, with large volume, and the output is more than twice as high as the equipment in the same industry;

    2. High efficiency: The polishing container is all made of molds, and the polishing abrasive runs smoothly in the polishing container, and the efficiency is more than twice that of the same industry;

    3. Using value engineering principles to increase the thickness of the polyamino acid in the work area, the wear resistance and service life are more than twice that of similar equipment in the same industry;

    4. Low noise: The whole machine adopts low noise design and adopts German famous brand low noise energy-saving vibration motor;

    5. High quality: maintain the original dimensional accuracy, shape and position tolerances of precision workpieces, and the roughness value is reduced by 1.5 on the original basis, and 100% no bumps.