What Are The Cautions For Automatic Polishing Machine

What are the cautions for automatic polishing machine?

The following points should be paid attention to when using automatic polishing machine for polishing operations:

1. strictly select grinding agent and grinding disc

Before polishing, examine the paint carefully. According to the scratch size, damage degree, paint thickness, wear resistance and other specific circumstances, choose different grinding disc and grinding agent.

Water based Abrasives can not cover small marks. When grinding, try to make the grinding pad contact with the paint surface. When the abrasive is burned on the surface of the paint, a small amount of water is sprayed on the grinding plate and then ground.

Oily polishing agent, can cover the small scar, not prone to dry abrasive attached to the surface of the paint, after grinding to skim skim water, then can be plated crystal products, coating, plating, coating or crystal cannot be well adhered on the surface of the paint, easy to be cleaned.

When the scratches are relatively large, the wool disk can be used with coarse grinding agent (4 m); moderate scratches can be selected with coarse sponge ball with medium grinding agent (2 m); fine scratches can be selected with fine sponge ball with fine grinding agent (0.8 m) for polishing operation.

Under normal circumstances, the use of moderate grinding agent with wool disc grinding, and then fine grinding agent with sponge ball grinding, "suit the remedy" polishing can make the paint to achieve a more perfect effect.

2. polishing machine speed control is not good, may throw through the paint

Polishing operations, must strictly control the speed of the polishing machine, for skilled technicians, the steel part of the paint can be controlled between 2500 - 4000 turn, the plastic part of the paint does not exceed 1800 rpm. For unskilled technicians, the part of the paint should be controlled between 1500 and 2500 rpm, and the plastic part of the paint should be controlled between 1000 and 1200 rpm. Otherwise, the high temperature caused by the high speed may cause damage to the paint surface, and even throw through the original paint, resulting in irreparable losses. The most effective polishing sequence is from inside to outside, from top to bottom, around the car to complete the task.

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