What Are The Characteristics And Requirements Of Abrasive Media?

What are the characteristics and requirements of abrasive media?

The abrasive medium of metal material should be abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resisting, have enough strength and hardness, the work is not easy to fracture, after wear can still roughly retain the original shape. For the consumption of the metal ball medium (the amount of media consumed by crushing 1t material, Kg t) and the crushing rate (the size of the ball under the external force, the rupture amount of the test ball fraction,%) is the main index to measure its quality. For Rod Media, it is difficult to bend and break. In the grinding process, the most important factor to improve the efficiency of grinding machine is to exert the function of grinding medium as much as possible.


(1) Determine the shape and material of the grinding medium according to the nature of the material, the granularity of the product and the technological requirements of the next step.

(2) According to the requirements of the granularity distribution of the products and materials, the suitable medium size and the ratio of different sizes are determined.

(3) According to the mill type and the speed of the mill, the filling rate is determined;

(4) According to the rule of media wear and production conditions, determine the reasonable supply of grinding medium.

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