What Are The Instructions For The Polishing Machine?

What are the instructions for the polishing machine?

1., the machine flat, counter clockwise rotation, remove the 100 pad pad fixed folder, choose a clean and appropriate 100 pad pad assembly, to ensure that fastening.

Polishing machine

2. connect the power supply, put down the handle, press the safety post and start the machine switch.

3., the work of the line is generally a straight line, work should pay attention to the surrounding crowd, especially children.

4. polishing machine is applied to wax and dry hard ground (marble, granite) operations.

5. polishing machine (grinding machine) chassis can be installed motor 2.2 kilowatts, 3 kilowatts, 4 kilowatts, 5.5 kilowatts, 7.5 kilowatts, according to the degree of user work, with the motor.

6. bearings 210, 211, 212, one machine, four bearings, adjustable axial runout, the speed is 3200-3600 revolutions / min..

7. use the wheel before, should check whether the loosening of fasteners, such as repair and should be tightened, pay attention to the wheel has no crack, available mallet tapping, ringing sound can be used, the no-load running about 30 minutes after the operation.

8. ends of crankshaft can be assembled and disassembled. 32 blind head, polishing head and 40 hole grinding wheel head.

Use note

1. this machine is high speed polishing, it is strictly prohibited to polish on wood ground or plastic PVC ground.

2. on the hard ground polishing, pay attention to the ground uneven, the maximum slope of the ground is 2%.

3. avoid wires that are rolled, pulled, bent and worn, and damaged by heat, grease, and sharp objects.

4. pay attention to whether there is sundries or yarn rope around the polishing pad, so that the resistance increases, and the motor increases and causes the belt broken.

5., often cleaning machines, especially in the chassis of wax dust, prevent precipitation.

Applicable industry

1. wood, furniture industry, such as flat wood, furniture, metal handle and other workpieces sanding wire drawing;

2. metal materials and products of aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and glass, copper profile and products, plumbing equipment, locks, lighting products, hardware accessories, craft signs nameplate, scissors, door hinge, car and bike accessories, tableware, Wei buckle products, buttons, belt buckle, mobile phone shell, the watch industry workpiece sanding drawing; electronic components, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding wire drawing.

3. can also be used for mobile phone shell, MP3, digital products, notebook computers, PC board, drawing and so on.

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