What Are The Main Accessories Of The Polishing Machine?

What are the main accessories of the polishing machine?

The main accessory of the polishing machine is a polishing disc. The polishing disc is mounted on the polishing machine and combined with the abrasive or polishing agent to complete the grinding and polishing operations.

Classification of flip discs

According to the way of connecting the polishing disc and polishing machine can be divided into the following three kinds: bolt disc: suitable for polishing machine with bolt joint. Nut plate: suitable for polishing machine with nut joint. Chuck: suitable for polishing machines with suction cups. The polishing machine for head screws with a hard plastic polyester chassis (also called tray), the chassis of the working face can stick with nylon sticky plane objects, so that it can be selected according to the needs of various suction type polishing disc, only the discs can be attached to the chassis, it is very convenient.

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