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What Are The Properties And Characteristics Of Mechanical Polishing Machines?

Aug 19, 2017

What are the properties and characteristics of mechanical polishing machines?

Light for steel, aluminum and copper metal surface treatment and management of class effect polishing machine, dozens of original accessories to meet different needs, an easy job to do produce a variety of different snow pattern precision, drawing lines, wavy lines, matte surface, mirror, rapid repair of deep scratches and minor scratches, fast grinding and polishing weld, mark, trace; gate oxide film, stains and paints, suitable for deburring, forming a rounded decorative metal processing, in the process will not form a shadow, transition zone and the decorative surface uneven, is an important equipment for production of metal products.

The polishing machine is suitable for the following industries: wood furniture industry, such as flat wood, furniture handle metal workpiece sanding drawing; metal materials and products of aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and glass, copper profile and products, plumbing equipment, locks, lighting products

Sign, nameplate, metal craft accessories, cutlery, door hinge, car and bike accessories, tableware, Wei buckle products, buttons, belt buckle, mobile phone shell, the watch industry workpiece sanding drawing; electronic parts, electronic parts, electronic equipment such as flat sanding pull wire.

Polishing machine widely used, can be used for mobile phone shell, MP3, digital products, notebook computers, PC plate drawing, the effect is remarkable.

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