What Is A Magnetic Polishing Machine?

What is a magnetic polishing machine?

The magnetic polishing machine breaks through the traditional vibration polishing concept, and uses the magnetic force to drag the stainless steel needle grinding material to produce a rapid rotating motion, thereby achieving multiple effects of removing burrs, polishing, washing and the like. The product sums up a lot of practical experience. Through careful design, the magnetic field is evenly distributed, the magnetic field drag force is automatically smoothed and reversed, the polishing effect is more uniform, the surface of the object is smoother, and the product effect far exceeds the domestic similar products! In addition, this product has a very high cost performance, can completely replace similar imported products, is the first choice to save manpower costs and improve work efficiency! This product uses high-quality magnet hinge transmission plus single-chip control, with perfect motor protection. Model specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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