What Is An Electromagnetic Polishing Machine?

What is an electromagnetic polishing machine?

The magnetic polishing machine utilizes super strong electromagnetic force to conduct fine grinding of stainless steel needles, resulting in high-speed flow, turning heads and other actions, in the inner hole of the workpiece, surface friction, as soon as polishing, cleaning, removing burrs and other precision grinding effects.

Features: 1. Light iron metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic and other precision parts finished, remove the rough edge chamfering, polishing, washing and other precision grinding work once completed 2. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends Grinding and machining, etc. 3. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost 4. No deformation after finished product processing, no impact on accuracy 5. Complete machine type, special machine can be designed, unique super magnetic force. World first .

Uses: 1. Remove the rough edge precision grinding 2. Remove the oxide film work 3. Polish the finished surface polishing treatment 4. Corrosion removal treatment 5. Sintering black trace treatment 6. Polishing and polishing work

Suitable for industry products: 1. Precision stamping parts 2. Stainless steel parts, screws. 3. Magnesium-aluminum die-casting parts 4. Zinc-aluminum die-casting parts 5. Precision springs, shrapnel parts 6. Electronics, computers, communication parts 7. Walking, walking, CNC automatic lathe parts

Description: 1. The grinding speed is fast, the average grinding time is about 5 minutes to 15 minutes. It is fast with the double processing slot to replace the workpiece. It can exchange the grinding parts in the machine operation. 2. Simple operation, absolutely safe, one person can operate several machines 3. Low cost, stainless steel needle is semi-permanent abrasive material, the consumption is extremely low, the only consumable is the polishing liquid 4. No pollution, the grinding liquid contains 97% water, so it is non-toxic and has a fire, completely comply with environmental protection Standard 5. After the grinding is completed, the workpiece is well treated, and the workpiece and the stainless steel needle can be easily separated by a screen, a sieve cylinder, an electromagnetic force, or a separator. 6. The stainless steel needle has a diameter of 0.2-5MM to 1.2-10MM.

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