What Is The Analysis Of The Development Environment And Influencing Factors In The Chinese Polishing Machinery Industry

What is the analysis of the development environment and influencing factors in the Chinese polishing machinery industry?

Just after the completion of the first half of the year, from 2015 to the first half of 2016, due to the impact of the world economy, China’s manufacturing industry has also been affected.

It is still in such a predicament. The polishing machinery industry is a globally strong industry with a wide range of foreign trade operations and has also been affected. Actually

There are many factors affecting the development of an industry. Not only is it limited to the overall economic situation, but under all objective conditions where the economic situation is not optimistic, we must put

Focus on other ways to break through demand. This article will introduce the factors affecting the development of the industry according to the specificity of the polishing industry. At present, China's polishing machinery industry

The development environment will be analyzed.

    There are many factors that affect economic development, including political policies, market distribution, consumer attitudes, energy structure, international situation, technological level, and labor force.

and many more. Affected in the polishing machinery industry, there are major factors such as market, technology, consumption concept, and policies.

Market factors. The market factors affecting the polishing machinery industry mainly include the market distribution and downstream industries. At present, the mainstream of polishing machinery market in China is toss

In the optical processing industry, these processing industries are mainly distributed along the coast, mainly in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, and Shandong. Due to geographical restrictions, polishing machine

The focus of the domestic market for the machinery industry lies in these areas. Of course, if we can develop the mainland market, it will undoubtedly be a huge step forward. Second, we must focus on analysis

Types of tourism industry, which industries can be included in the major downstream industries, in order to broaden the industry chain, help the polishing industry improve industrial status, and promote polishing machinery

Industry development.

    techinque level. The development of the machinery industry is inseparable from the technical support. Often, the advancement and renewal of a machine are carried out with technological breakthroughs.

Technology is also particularly important for the development of the polishing machinery industry. Looking at the history of the past, the development of polishing machinery mainly has two steps:

The first technological innovation was the manual upgrade to automatic polishing and the technological breakthroughs such as automated assembly lines and mechanical polishing processes contributed to the progress of the industry;

The second technological innovation is the shift from polishing processing mode to numerical control programming mode. The processing flow is completely preset. At this point, the polishing process has entered the intelligent


    Consumer attitudes. Changes in consumer attitudes also have a major impact on the polishing machinery and polishing industry, just as progressive thinking can drive the advance of the times.

Steps and backward thoughts often hinder the development of society. Therefore, this requires the constant pursuit of innovation by industry personnel, the use of innovative results, and the promotion of industrial upgrading. example

For example, the owner of a polishing factory needs to introduce a large number of polishing processing equipment. The former processing method of this processing factory is labor-intensive processing, and the use of large

Polishing workers manually polish. So when he bought the machine, the owner took into consideration the short-term benefits of the mechanical and labor costs and decided to buy it.

A large number of small manual polishers. This concept of consumption will greatly hinder the upgrading of the polishing process, and the current thinking is still relatively

For the general. In fact, sooner or later they will often dare to adopt new equipment and dare to use new technologies.

    National policy. I remember that in the past few years in Kunshan, Jiangsu, there was an explosion in a polishing workshop that shocked the country. The incident caused the deaths of dozens of polishing workers.

In this regard, the government requires that the entire polishing industry be inspected and rectified. The rectification of many non-compliant processing plants has been affected, so they

Have to upgrade processing methods. This has driven the progress of the polishing machinery industry from the side. The first mechanical technological achievement was widely achieved at this stage

The extensive application laid the foundation for the current automatic polishing to become the mainstream polishing method.

    Of course, in this era of highly globalized economy, the global economic trend has a greater impact on the polishing machinery industry. In the past two years, the industry’s export industry

The performance has declined. Therefore, we must analyze the environment and factors for its development so as to weaken the influence of the global economy on the industry and fully strengthen other

The factors of concern and investment can maintain a forward attitude at this sensitive node.

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