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What Is The Application And Scope Of Deburring And Polishing Machine

Dec 26, 2020

What is the application and scope of deburring and polishing machine

What are the characteristics of deburring and polishing machine for precision parts

Professional solution to all walks of life, all kinds of metal and non-metallic materials, all kinds of special-shaped small and medium precision parts deburring, chamfering, descaling, derusting, removing processing knife marks, precision polishing, mirror polishing and other key technical problems, polishing the workpiece without bumping, do not change the size accuracy of the workpiece, according to user needs professional design customized special polishing machine.

Features of micro precision parts deburring and polishing machine:

It is widely used in deburring, deburring, chamfering, derusting, descaling, electroplating pretreatment, tool mark removal, bright polishing and mirror polishing of micro precision small parts. Especially suitable for some complex shape, micro precision parts, special-shaped, easy to deform thin arm, narrow gap, thin workpiece polishing problems.

Special shaped precision parts deburring polishing machine features:

After polishing, the size accuracy of the workpiece is not changed, and the appearance and handle are significantly improved, which can not be achieved by some manual polishing or imported polishing equipment. After polishing, the surface of the workpiece can be bright. It completely replaces the backward traditional polishing process and greatly improves the polishing efficiency and benefit.

Precision parts deburring and polishing machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, military aerospace, ship, electronic parts, instruments, light industry, watch parts, textile equipment parts, auto parts, knitting machine accessories, bearing industry, medical equipment, precision parts, powder metallurgy, 3D printing, precision stamping parts, crafts, tools and other industries. For small and medium-sized precision workpieces, the performance of deburring, deburring, chamfering, derusting, descaling, processing mark removal, polishing, fine polishing and mirror polishing has been significantly improved, which can completely replace or surpass the expensive imported polishing equipment, and many domestic production-oriented enterprises benefit directly.

Features of deburring and polishing machine for precision small parts:

Based on the advanced automatic frequency tracking technology of Japan and Germany, the principle of power line free grinding is developed.

It is suitable for the finishing of large quantities of medium and small size parts, and improves the efficiency by 6-10 times.

It is not suitable to scratch and bump the workpiece in the machining process, which will not damage the original size and shape of the parts.

It can realize automation, unmanned operation, convenient operation and large capacity. In the production process, it can spot check the parts processing at any time.

The inner lining is made of PU material, which is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

The equipment has long service life and low noise.

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