What Is The Blade Polishing Machine?

What is the blade polishing machine?

Leaf blade polishing machine in the processing process, due to various reasons, may cause the leaf margin is not uniform, even the margin is too thick, too thin in a workpiece, if using conventional mechanical polishing, cause harm to the safety of the operator. Blade polishing machine, which is composed of five axis machine tool, C axis servo motor and power head rotating shaft is provided with five axis machine tool on the the power head of a rotary shaft 5 are installed at the two ends of the support, the support is connected with the power head bracket with the power head, a belt motor and drive shaft fixed bracket is arranged on the motor shaft of the motor belt is arranged on the belt, the belt pulley is arranged on the spherical surface. The product is used for blade polishing.

Two position polishing machine

Two station polishing machine, which comprises a frame, polishing wheel, polishing wheel driving device; mounted on the frame, the polishing wheel is driven by the power device; polishing wheel disk comprises an outer layer fabric; polishing machine with two polishing wheel, two wheel polishing were flat wheel disc and disc cam. The polishing machine of the utility model is provided with a flat wheel plate and a convex wheel plate, and the user can conveniently and repeatedly use the flat wheel plate and the cam disc to manually polish the plane, convex surface and concave surface of the surface of the product, and the work efficiency is high.

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