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What Is The Difference Between Plane Grinder And Plane Polishing Machine

Feb 15, 2021

Grinding and polishing are the same kind of mechanical movement, and the principle is the same. Only in terms of surface quality, the surface brightness of polishing is higher than that of grinding. In fact, polishing fluid can be said to be the next process of grinding, which can complete grinding and polishing simultaneously on the same plane polishing machine. Grinding is divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing is divided into rough polishing, Fine polishing. Most of the time, we have three processes to process the appearance quality of products: rough grinding, fine grinding and fine polishing. With these three processes, the flatness, parallelism and roughness of the surface of the workpiece are quite high. Some customers' accuracy requirements are not so high, especially the roughness requirements are not so high, so only the first two processes are used, Or fine grinding this process. Detailed to see the quality of the workpiece appearance itself, as well as customer request to arrive at the quality

Grinding and polishing can be completed on the same plane polishing machine, but the configuration used is different. Grinding requires grinding disc and grinding fluid, while polishing uses polishing fluid and polishing disc, polishing pad, polishing cloth, polishing wheel, etc