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What Is The Important Role Of Polishing Machine In The Field Of Injection Molding Machine Parts And Accessories

Jan 04, 2020

What is the important role of polishing machine in the field of injection molding machine parts and accessories

During the turning and milling processing of precision parts of injection molding machines, there are more burrs on the workpiece. The existence of burrs will inevitably affect the inverse finishing process and affect the quality of the product. Therefore, residual burrs and scales are never allowed in the finished product table. The presence. Yumo Precision Finishing Co., Ltd. professionally solves the technical problems of deburring, descaling and mirror polishing of injection molding machine parts.


Multifunctional deburring mirror polishing machine adopts advanced automatic frequency tracking technology from Japan and Germany to develop high-precision power multifunctional polishing machine, fully automatic deburring polishing machine, high precision deburring polishing equipment, deburring equipment, and deburring equipment. Burr machine, ultra-fine polishing equipment, mirror polishing machine, special machine can be customized for parts according to customer requirements.

Deburring mirror polishing machine, according to the injection molding machine parts size size, part profile shape, burr size and other requirements, choose the high and low speed frequency, parts deburring polishing without scratches, scratches, mirror effect.

Deburring mirror polishing machine completely solves all kinds of complex shapes, ultra-small and thin, easy to deform, cracks, cao, dead angle, high-precision precision parts deburring, chamfering R, descaling, derusting, polishing, super-precision Deburring, high-precision deburring, fine deburring, mirror polishing and other polishing technical problems. It can completely or exceed the expensive imported polishing equipment, and many domestic production enterprises directly benefit.

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