What Is The Occupational Hazard Situation And Preventive Measures Of Polishing Machine Dust

What is the Occupational Hazard Situation and Preventive Measures of Polishing Machine Dust?

Today I saw a news of a pneumoconiosis patient making oxygen cylinders from gas tanks. Zhao Defu, 40, has long been engaged in dust-related work and caused lung diseases.

This should be the pillar of the home, now because of the trouble of pneumoconiosis, it has become a drag tank at home, once leaving the oxygen equipment, it will endanger life.

    So I thought a lot about it. I have sympathy for the victims, I am angry with those responsible, and I have no choice but to sacrifice for life. As a polishing industry

Editing, I first thought of those friends who were doing polishing. They have also warned them that they should pay attention to protecting themselves and insist on wearing masks and long-sleeved shirts.

The service, but taking care of so much where to start, plus the weather conditions in Guangdong, making them long-term companions with harmful metal dust, breathing this

The harmful air, skin contact with these dust with polishing wax chemical composition. No matter which one is enough to cause illness, but they know what they want to live.

The possible consequences still persist. This is their frustration.

There is no way to change what comes to mind when thinking about this. What are the reasons that have contributed to such a relatively wide range of situations? I would like to lose my mind trying to dig a hole.

 The first is the social environment. As far as the people's living standards are concerned, the general situation in China has improved, but there are still major problems. The devaluation of the currency has caused the income of the lower-level workers to shrink, and the gap between the rich and the poor has grown. However, I believe that as the country continues to prosper, this situation will always improve and the future society will continue to improve.

Protection will continue to improve. In the case of Zhao Defu, both the civil affairs department and the village committee showed this. The lag in the general environment has resulted in lower overall income and social security. We cannot produce too many complaints in this respect.

    Then he should dig and dig those people who should have been responsible for this. Zhao Defu originally worked in a stone processing factory. Why did this work because it was a high dust hazard? It is imaginable that this is by no means the only case. Through investigation, it is understood that the probability of pneumoconiosis among the processing workers engaged in related industries is very high.


     Therefore, these processing plants should receive attention, expose them to public opinion, force them to continuously improve their working conditions, and protect the workers.

Health and safety. In addition, after Zhao Defu’s illness, did he think of who would bear these huge medical expenses? Is it like there is no income now?

Sources of family, friend funding, social assistance, no one stood up to pay for this result. Friends around you are still relatively young and may appear less frequently

Similar situation, but in the long run, had to be prevented early. What are the ways to avoid and reduce occupational pneumoconiosis? Through understanding and investigation

Here is a brief summary:

    First of all, protection measures should be put in place, and the protection equipment for workers should be strengthened, such as dust masks, dust protection, and cleaning outside the workshop. Can reduce labor

People inhale the amount of harmful dust, reduce harmful dust on the skin and reduce the risk of occupational diseases. Maybe some workers are unaware of some processing

With regard to the harm of the body, the enterprise must strengthen the supervision over the protection measures of employees and urge them to protect their own safety.

    Followed by the replacement of more advanced mechanical equipment for heavy dust operations. China’s economy is continuously improving and industrial restructuring is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Technical updates and equipment updates are ongoing. Some traditional processing industries may be obsessed with old processing methods or are unwilling to increase short-term costs, resulting in a production environment

Poor, inefficient situations. It will not only affect its production efficiency, but also cannot guarantee the safety production and health of production personnel. As far as I know these tosses

Friends of the optical industry, the automatic polishing machinery on the market can completely increase the dust, dust collection devices, no doubt will greatly improve their working environment.


    In addition, the safeguard mechanism is completely ignored. Due to the low legal consciousness of the personnel engaged in the related processing, it is often difficult to recognize the legitimate rights and interests of their own.

Without taking into account this kind of work-related diseases that are easily brought about, companies should bear the corresponding guarantees, such as medical insurance and safety insurance. For possible out

In industries where occupational diseases are present, enterprises must adopt corresponding protection mechanisms. Occurrence of occupational diseases should be borne by companies that bear major medical expenses.

    Looking back, I have to admit that when I was commenting, I had a tendency to favor disadvantaged groups. After all, I saw some social phenomena that made me very helpless. I

Our disadvantaged groups must also take the initiative to protect themselves and increase their knowledge of self-protection. Strengthen legal awareness and awareness of rights protection when legal rights

When it is not guaranteed, we must learn to rationally use resources for rights protection. Our business owners should not only consider the immediate interests but should constantly update their technical equipment.

Take a new high degree of automation of the processing methods to protect the safety of production workers, but also can improve production efficiency, short-term update costs will in exchange for long-term

The multi-faceted benefits.

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