What Is The Principle Of Horizontal Centrifugal Polishing Machine

What is the principle of horizontal centrifugal polishing machine?

The main working principle of the horizontal centrifugal polishing machine is to offset four hexagonal rollers on the rotating disc at equal distances. The rotating disc is driven by the motor, and the hexagonal drum is driven by the reverse clutch device. The hexagonal drum revolves with the rotating disc, and Rotate in the direction of rotation of the counter-rotating disc. Due to the effect of the revolution, the hexagonal roller produces a large centrifugal force, and the shaped grinding block and the workpiece in the hexagonal drum are pulled toward the outward side in the drum, and pressure is generated between each other, in the role of the reverse type high clutch. The hexagonal drum is caused to generate a reverse rotation opposite to the direction of rotation of the rotary disk, and the speed is I=~1. Due to the rotation, the work in the drum and the grinding block generate strong flow and friction, and the centrifugal force and high-speed flow. Under the action of the workpiece, the workpiece in the hexagonal drum is polished like sandpaper, and the burrs and flash edges of the parts can be removed and polished in a short time. The horizontal centrifugal polishing machine has high light leveling efficiency and is suitable for finishing small and medium parts.

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