What Is The Use Of Polishing Machines?

What is the use of polishing machines?

The surface of the car by spraying, may appear coarse, fine sandpaper mark, flow mark, white, orange and other defects in the film surface, in order to remedy these defects, usually in grinding and polishing processing after spraying, in order to improve the film mirror effect, is bright, smooth, gorgeous requirements. Here we come to understand the structure of polishing machine and operation notes.

The polishing machine is composed of a base, 7906, polishing cloth, polishing cover and cover basic components. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve used for fixing the polishing disc is connected with the motor shaft by screws. The polishing fabric is fastened on the polishing disc by a ferrule, and the motor is connected with the power supply through a switch on the base, and after starting, the hand can be applied to the sample to exert pressure on the rotating polishing disc. Polishing liquid added in the process of the tube into a polishing machine by the side plate in the plastic plate drainage is fixed on the base. Polishing cover and cover can prevent dust and other debris falling on the polishing fabric and the effect in the machine when not in use.

The key to the operation of the polishing machine is to try to obtain the maximum polishing rate so as to remove the damaged layer as soon as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer will not affect the final observation of the tissue, that will not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive damage layer to ensure the polishing rate larger to remove polishing, but also the deep layer polishing damage; the latter requires the use of the finest materials, so that the polishing damage layer is shallow, but the polishing rate is low. The best way to solve this problem is to divide the polishing process into two stages. The purpose is to remove the rough polishing polishing damage layer, this stage should have the maximum polishing rate, rough polishing surface damage is the formation of a secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; the second is fine polishing (or final polishing), its purpose is to remove the surface damage of rough polishing, polishing to minimize damage.

When the polishing machine is polished, the sample grinding surface and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and uniformly pressed lightly on the polishing disc, so as to prevent the sample from flying out and produce new grinding marks due to too much pressure. At the same time, the specimen should be rotating and moving back and forth along the radius of the turntable, so as to avoid the local wear of the polishing fabric too quickly. During the polishing process, the suspension of fine powder should be added continuously to keep the polishing fabric at a certain moisture level. Too much moisture grinding polishing effect is weakened, the samples in hard phase showed relief and nonmetal inclusion in cast iron and graphite have a "tail drag" phenomenon; humidity is too small, due to friction will make the sample temperature, reduced lubrication, grinding to lose luster, and even spots, light alloy will hurt the surface polishing. In order to achieve the purpose of coarse throwing, the rotary speed of the turntable is lower, it is better not to exceed 500r/min. The polishing time should be longer than the removal of the scratch, because the deformed layer must be removed. After rough polish smooth, but under the microscope with intense darkness without light, wear uniform, fine polishing to be eliminated. Fine polishing appropriately increasing the speed dial polishing time to remove the damaged layer of rough polishing is appropriate. After the fine grinding polishing bright as a mirror, can not see the scratches on the bright field microscope conditions, but in contrast lighting conditions will still see the marks.

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