What Kinds Of Materials Are Classified By Throwing Discs?

What kinds of materials are classified by throwing discs?

Wool polishing disc: wool polishing disc is a traditional cutting material. It has high grinding capacity and high efficiency. It will leave a spiral pattern after grinding. Generally used for grinding and polishing ordinary paint, used for transparent paint, be careful. Generally divided into two kinds of white and yellow, the bottom of the disc has automatic paste, to achieve fast conversion of throwing discs. The general white wool polishing strong cutting force, can remove paint with serious defects, coarse grinding for rapid removal of wax or modified orange peel grinding marks; yellow wool polishing white wool polishing disc cutting force is weak, generally with fine polishing wax to remove paint, wax polishing and slight rub marks. Maintenance instructions: regularly clean the wool dish cover with comb brush or air nozzle, remove wax. During operation, if the wool pan is blocked, it should be removed and fitted with a clean wool pan. At the same time, the used wool pan should be dried and dried and rinsed with a hair brush. Note must use warm water wash, do not use hot water, strong alkaline detergent or solvent cleaning. Use a washing machine and use only soft gears. It is usually better not to dry the machine by using air to dry it.

Sponge polishing disc: its cutting force is weaker than that of the wool polishing disc, and it does not leave any wrinkles. It can effectively remove the defects of moderate paint. The bottom of the polishing disc is automatically pasted, and the polishing wheel can be quickly converted. It can be used for grinding and polishing of body paint and transparent paint. It is generally used for polishing and waxing after wool polishing disc. Recommended polishing machine speed of 1500~2500 r/rain, not more than 3000 r/min. Sponge polishing disk can be divided into the following three colors: yellow disk: generally made grinding disk, hard, used to eliminate oxide film or scratches. White plate: generally do throwing discs, soft and delicate, used to eliminate hair scratches or polishing. Black plate: usually make the reduction plate, soft and soft, suitable for the body for transparent paint polishing and general paint reduction. Sponge flip discs can be divided into three types according to the shape: straight cut type: high speed, large thermal energy, flexible, diameter x thick, size of 152.4 mm * 50.8 mm. Flat cut type: large area, good heat dissipation, relatively smooth, diameter * thick size of 203.2 inln * (25.4 ~ 50.8) mm. Corrugated: work fluid is not easy to splash, diameter * thick size of 203.2 mm * (25.4 ~ 38.1) mm. Maintenance instructions: after rinsing in warm water, squeeze the moisture away and place it in a clean place for drying. Do not wash with soap or detergent. Do not wash or dry clean. Do not use a brush or screwdriver to clean the sponge wheel.

Rabbit rabbit: polishing polishing disc between the cutting force between wool polishing disk and sponge polishing disc, automatic paste bottom, can be used for polishing the body paint and ordinary transparent paint, polishing machine speed is 1500 ~ 2500 suggestions r/min.

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