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Why Centrifugal Polishing Machine Can Achieve High-speed Polishing Of The Workpiece Surface

May 23, 2020

Why centrifugal polishing machine can achieve high-speed polishing of the workpiece surface

The centrifugal grinding and polishing machine adopts the principle of centrifugal force to realize the high-speed polishing treatment of the workpiece in the grinding container barrel. It uses chains and gears to drive the rotation of the main shaft, and the four hexagonal grinding containers rotate and revolve in the main circle of the main shaft, so that the abrasives in the grinding container are in a high-speed grinding state, thereby realizing the work pieces in the working container and grinding and polishing abrasive The abrasives can be turned and rubbed against each other at high speed to achieve the polishing of the workpiece surface.

The biggest difference between the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine and other polishing machines is that the centrifugal grinding and polishing machine has four barrels in one machine, and the four grinding container barrels work at the same time when the machine is working. The polishing agent, grinding brightener, etc. are put into the grinding container barrel. The four grinding containers are all sealed in the working state, so after high-speed rotation, the heat in the grinding barrel is higher and the pressure is higher, so its polishing speed is relatively e69da5e6ba907a6431333363353832 is faster. The centrifugal grinding and polishing machine not only has a fast deburring speed on the workpiece, but also has a very good effect on the surface polishing of the workpiece. It is a corrector in the grinding and polishing machine. The centrifugal grinding and polishing machine is very ideal for the surface polishing treatment of metal workpieces. It is often used to brightly polish workpieces because of the volume relationship of its grinding container, which is often used for surface treatment of various small workpieces. Such as hardware workpieces, mechanical accessories, etc., can also be used for surface polishing of glasses, jewelry and other workpieces.

Centrifugal grinding and polishing machine is divided into four barrels, but its operation is very convenient. There are buttons for speed and time on the control panel of the machine. The working time of the machine can be set, and its working speed can be adjusted at will during operation.