Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment
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Industrial wastewater treatment equipment

adopts a new type of high efficient dissolved air equipment, micro bubble generator, instead of the traditional air guide device to dissolve gas in water, and a number of inclined Tube group, including the box, slag scraping machine, screw feeding machine together to form a complete air flotation water purification device. Theory and flotation treatment effect and the residence time is no direct link. It was about flotation area, if will reduce the depth h of the air flotation zone for water depth h / 10 h alternatively, so air distance and residence time will shrink 10 times, this is the famous "shallow tank theory". 

The purpose of adding inclined pipe in air bearing area is to increase the air bearing area, greatly reducing the Reynolds coefficient, so that the air floatation can avoid the turbulent flow and make the good laminar flow state, and the effect of the shallow air floatation can be achieved.

In the same way, when the density of suspended matter is larger than 1, the shallow pool settling effect is generated by the installation of the inclined pipe group, and the precipitation is carried out under the condition of turbulent flow. Large particle size, the proportion of large teaching is not easy to float up the pollution material will be concentrated in the mud area, to achieve the purpose of water purification