Linnear Vibratory Continuous Finishing System

Linnear Vibratory Continuous Finishing System
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Shuanglin Hengxing, one of the leading China linnear vibratory continuous finishing system manufacturers and suppliers, is waiting for you to purchase low price linnear vibratory continuous finishing system from our factory.


Recently with increasing cost of manual polishing process and high requirement of automation, continuous linear vibratory finishing machine is gaining preference for industries for large production volume especially medium to large size work parts.

The machine and process developed by Humo polishing offer a good choice for finishing solution of high quality standard. The result is repeatable and process is customized according to customer requirement. So far, the continuous linear vibratory finishing system is one of the most popular machinery around the world.

Working principal

Work part is continuously feed into linear processing chamber with certain cycle time, together with ceramic or plastic surface finishing media. The sidewalls of processing chamber can either U shaped or straight according to customer requirement. The vibratory force generates by high frequency motor rotate the mass in in along the chamber wall. Meanwhile, work parts is moving forward together with mass media.

Processing parameter includes processing chamber angle setting, balance weight for motor, motor frequency as well as time control.

After the work parts went through the whole processing chamber, media and parts can be separated in a nylon sieve unit. In the meantime, parts can be cleaned and with spray water and possible post treatment, for instance vibratory drying machine or chain belt drying machine.

After all, media after separation with parts is returned to processing chamber for recycling.  

cleaning & anti-rust proof process, vibratory drying, and waste water recycling.

The machine maximizes the output of the whole finishing process. It intergrates all the finishing parts of the whole system. effectively with less man power involved. Furthermore, the water recylcing system takes the advantage of less pollution and economically using of water and compound.



  1. The vibratory finishing operation can be customized according to different application of different work parts.

  2. It saves man power with PLC control and the continuous running process maximizes the output, minimize the cost of production.

  3. Water recycling and waste water treatment, it takes the advantage of less pollution and economically using of water and compound.

  4. Good efficiency of heating. The vibratory dryer takes the design of heating in two ways by different position. It can eliminiate problem that the parts get rusted when heating not enough, also another problem of with heating too quick with water mark appear after heating process.

  5. Auto grease feeding control design.

  6. The machine adopts the new type of heat resistant rubber, and it can successfully avoid of the PU torn off problem after heating up over Celsius 100°.

The technical specifications  will be offered upon the customer's inquiry.